Tiit Veermäe
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The Golden Leg Tower


I am an old tower from the Danish period. I was probably positioned here already in the years 1311–1320, as an important corner tower for the west wall of the city.

Through the ages I was called the “Nun’s Court Tower”, but also as the “Tower with a Bad Roof”. I was previously built with an open wall on the city side, just like the Maiden Tower still is today. I was taller and stronger in 1422, when the city divested the defensive wall from the convent. In 1434, I became known as the Golden Leg Tower (de Guldene Voet) only a year before, in the spring, the city of Reval was ravaged by a great fire.

I am in general, a well preserved tower, regardless of the fact that during my history vagrants have set fires here. I have also been called the Kodulinn (Hometown) Tower, I am used as an exhibition hall, lecture and concert venue, by the Kodulinn society who are led by the meritorious Tiina Mägi. The Kuldjala choral society also performs here. The concave niche in the wall of the lower part of the tower, is a very special location, and a popular and attractive place to have your photograph taken. It is also rumoured that secret ceremonies have been held here.