Tiit Veermäe
Before After

Section of wall on Müürivahe street


Between the Tower Behind the Monks and Helleman Tower

There was a defensive passage along the wall beside me, where in the Middle Ages milled about black monks and preachers, whose teachings were beneficial to the city folk, in many ways.

The monks provided assistance for caring of the soul, as well as they assisted in getting blessing from the Lord and solving completely practical matters, such as when someone needed to write a letter to someone – that of course might not have ever happened among common folk, in their earthly life. The bustle of soldiers has been here later and today tourists circulate here, as well as sit all kinds of sellers.

The edge of the wall, starting already in the 17th century, was started to be filled with all kinds of residences, sheds and workshops, but most of them were demolished during the Soviet period. Heritage protection would no longer allow to do that now! A couple of buildings on the edge of the wall, still luckily have been preserved here. The defensive wall however started to crumble here, when the old wall buildings from the side of the Viru Street were demolished. It is therefore that a part of wall is supported by rather cheap concrete buttresses or counterforts.