Tiit Veermäe
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The Nun’s Tower


Although I am very old tower, already built at the beginning of the 14th century, my name was lost at some point during the Middle-Ages, It was only in 1738 that the name “Cyster-Thurm” or “The Nun’s Tower” was used for the first time.

I was at first partially used as a turret as the side towards the nearby convent did not reach the ground but I have been reconstructed many times. The side of me which is facing the city, has an acute arched niche.
The next tower the “Golden Leg Tower” has a circular arched niche.

I have in the past served as a warehouse for gunpowder, and also as grain storage once my defensive obligations were finished. A reinforced concrete staircase was constructed from 1958 to 1960, in my lower part, through which there is access to the wooden defense walkway and the convent wall complex with parapet, which was lovingly restored by Wilhelm Neumann.