Tiit Veermäe
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The Pilsticker Tower And Stairs


I am the “arrow sharpener”, as I was started to be called in the old lower German language. I was built as the third watchtower, after the mighty defensive tower Tall Hermann and Stür den Kerl.

In terms of type, I am a saddle tower planted on the wall, more precisely a turret and more grandly a bartizan. I was the example for building similar towers, also in the Paide fortified settlement and Padise Monastery. My location became to be the northwest corner of the exterior wall, so that I could keep an eye on the enemies approaching from the north and west. The new line of the exterior wall, of the fortified settlement had just been completed, there where it still stands today, right on the edge of the high limestone escarpment. A wide and deep moat was dug below the escarpment to keep the enemies away.

A friendlier relationship was started to be shown only in the 1960s towards those desiring to approach the fortress, when to the joy of walkers, stairs from the base of the wall were erected that led to the viewing platform of Toompea. I as a tower am currently more a joyful sight and item of beauty. My upper part was restyled to be even more beautiful already more than a century ago. As the “arrow sharpener”, I still try to do my best to ensure that the members of Parliament and clerical staff remain as sharp as a pencil.

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