Tiit Veermäe
Before After

The wall in front of the maiden tower and stable tower


We are a double wall – a high wall and a low wall. 

The higher wall was built at the start of the 14th century, initially lower and thinner, but at the start of the 15th century was made taller and thicker to be adapted to firearms. A supporting wall was built as a pre-defense against cannon fire and for fitting cannons. It ran down one way to the Goat’s Tower, but at the time when the construction of Kiek in de Kök was completed, then already to the tower itself. The Goat’s Tower is almost destroyed and the path to the Kök is merely marked as a footpath.

Prior to the entrenchments, the Toompea area and the area extending in front of the wall was a deeper depression. It was filled with soil 300 years ago, when the entrenchments were erected. The Commandant’s Park now stands here. Eight centuries from the start of construction of the city of Tallinn (Reval). In2019 the park was redesigned into a Rose Garden for the Danish Queen.