Tiit Veermäe
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The Tower Behind Nuns


I am a small “turret” or as known by a more refined name, a “console tower” which, like other defensive structures of the same type, for example the Stable Tower or my neighbour, the Sauna Tower, we sit “on” the wall itself. 

I seem especially small, beside my great neighbour, Loewenschede, and also beside my other neighbour, the Golden Leg Tower. I too by the way was completed, sometime in the beginning of the 1370s, according to the instructions of the alderman Louenschede. Our city towers have mostly received their names, based on persons or locations. The same is true about me, who initially was called the “bay window behind the nuns” (arkelageter den Susteren), as I stood in the courtyard of St. Michael’s Convent. It is from the money received from the convent sisters which probably was used to build me. Probably, also for the defense of the Cistercian nuns, for whom I would keep an eye on, the activities of the virtuous brides of Christ. Photographs of my beautiful appearance, are mostly taken from the side of the Square of Towers, from where I am currently best viewed. Everybody loves my beautiful round arches – they connect three consoles, with the assistance of which, I lean onto the wall.