Following the nuns to the Coastal Gate Audio

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Stories of high ranked nuns and the convent. The courtyard at the start of the route has been called the nuns and convent yard. It has also been called the school or Kodulinn (Hometown) yard. The first ever printing press in the city, was opened here during the Swedish period, the first book of Estonian grammar was printed here and also the Holy Bible. The first structure of the Old Town, according to folklore, is located here at the place of the current orthodox church – the Holy Ventsel Chapel. City folk traded many stories about the nuns of noble heritage of the Cistercian convent, from a suspicious murder to even more suspicious night time festivities. A noble maid, a nun, also once fled from here, at the time of Reformation, in 1525 to marry a simple man. Her name was Mistress von Nywenstadt, who half-jokingly is considered the first founder of the women’s movement of the city! And the city did not turn her in to the bishop for punishment.

Currently not much remains of the nuns’ yard, besides stories, but on the other hand there are the tall graceful towers standing here in a row, more than anywhere else in the city. It is true that at the end of the walk, we reach the Coastal Gates, where the stoutest tower of the city is found – Our Fat Margaret, which is lovingly considered to be feminine.

The Nun’s Tower Audio

Although I am very old tower, already built at the beginning of the 14th century, my name was lost at some point during the Middle-Ages, It was only in 1738 that the name “Cyster-Thurm” or “The Nun’s Tower” was used for the first time.

The Monastery Gate and Wall Walkway Audio

I am called the Monastery Gate (Klosterpforte), as well as the Great Monastery Gate or even as the New Nun’s Gate, but I actually could by right and honour bear the name of Wilhelm Neumann’s Gate. 

The Sauna Tower Audio

I was constructed in the beginning of 1371 and completed in 1372, as a small turret and later in 1422 I belonged together with the section of wall linking St. Michael’s Convent of the Cistercian Order of Reval. 

The Golden Leg Tower Audio

I am an old tower from the Danish period. I was probably positioned here already in the years 1311–1320, as an important corner tower for the west wall of the city.

The Tower Behind Nuns Audio

I am a small “turret” or as known by a more refined name, a “console tower” which, like other defensive structures of the same type, for example the Stable Tower or my neighbour, the Sauna Tower, we sit “on” the wall itself. 

The Loewenschede Tower Audio

I was probably the first rampart, four storey tower in the lower town. I received my name after the alderman Winant Louenschede, who directed the construction of the defensive structures in this section of the wall. 

The Square of towers Audio

It is as if each day we have a wonderful parade of the towers of the city wall.

Laboratory Street Audio

I am a street along the edge of the west side city wall, like the Müürivahe Street, on the other side of the city, on the edge of the eastern defensive wall. 

The Ropehill Tower Audio

I was in existence already in the 1360s, as a tower with a horseshoe shaped base, typical of the city design, but over a century later I became known as the “Tower Behind the Ropehill” 

The Plate Tower Audio

I was built in the years 1401–1410 between two older and more honourable towers – the Ropehill and Epping towers. I was named after the tower chief Herbord Plate.

The Epping Tower Audio

I was built in the 1370s, during one of the fastest and longest booms of tower construction in the city. At least a dozen, if not more, defensive towers were completed during this period. At that time in history, in Livonia, there was danger and uncertainty in the air. However, my Hanseatic town of Reval was growing and gaining wealth.

The Tower Behind Grusbeke Audio

The wall walkway between the Renten tower and the tower behind Grusbeke Audio

Is it possible to find – from between my limestone and bricks – traces of the oldest known wall of the city of Tallinn, the Margaret Wall, built between 1265–1282? It is like the Holy Grail, something which archaeologists would love to discover.

The Tower Behind Wulfard Audio

I am called the Tower Behind Wulfard. I was named after Wulfard Rosendal who lived in the area and was the tower chief in 1410.

Fat Margaret and The Great Coastal Gate Audio

I am the most famous landmark among the towers of our city. I do not remain unnoticed for those approaching from the sea.

The Stolting tower Audio

The oldest towers of the city were probably gate towers, but I am a regular tower and belong amongst the oldest regular town towers. I am, alongside Kiek in de Kök, a circular tower in the city wall. I am not a common horseshoe shape.