Ghosts and Legends Audio

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30 MIN

Stories of the first ghost tower and various types of strange phenomena, the first tower of the city of artists, but also about the historical defence of the city, bombings and the casting of cannons.


Next closest route of cultural enlightenment, ”Following the nuns to the Coastal Gate”, starts at Vana-Kloostri Street 1.

Kiek In De Kök Audio

I am the most famous and tallest defensive tower in the city as well as the first that was built according to the demands of the era of firearms. 

The Maiden tower Audio

I have been called the Meghed Tower since the 14th century, in the depths of history, which is believed to have resulted from the name of the construction master, Hinze Meghed or from the rural language word “mägede” (mountain). I was erected on the so-called short hill (mons brevis), right next to the long mountain (mons longhi), which at that time was known as a unified rise beside the contemporary Tõnismägi and Toompea. The street names Short Leg for pedestrians, as well as Long Leg for horses and later for carriages, were derived from the short and long hill.

The wall in front of the maiden tower and stable tower Audio

We are a double wall – a high wall and a low wall. 

The Stable Tower Audio

The Stable Tower or Marstall Tower or Work Yard Tower.

The Long Leg Gate Tower Audio

In the olden days, it was thought that Long Leg had previously functioned as a road. This is most likely not the case. Ancient Estonians reached the top of the uplands from where today the Toompea Road rises from the Charles’ Church and Long Leg which was initially narrower and steeper and it became became a road to drive up or down.