Shepherds of the Soul and City Audio

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Holy men, real monks and not ghosts, have been on the move here, if to go back into the depths of centuries, to the Middle Ages. Other servants of God, keepers of the soul, have also been here, in addition to the most plentiful black monks. Real shepherds, in the summertime, with calls of horns, passed the Karja (Herd) Gate, with the city animals to the pastures. Coachmen too clattered about here, transporting the goods of merchants. The Russkij konets, the goods yard of the Russian merchants and their church, were close to here, at the Brookus Square. Prostitutes were also noticeable on the Müürivahe Street. A young monk with his father, from the St. Catherine’s Monastery, were once caught in the Red Monastery or brothel on the Müürivahe Street.

The Vene street section of the wall Audio

I am an old and dignified street in the city. I am an artery that has joined the market with the harbour from the very beginning. It was common to see monks and merchants walking along me until the end of the Middle Ages. I was therefore a holy and spiritual place.

The Bremen Tower and Passage Audio

I am the Bremen Tower. I am not named after northern German city but named after a resident – who was also known as Bremer.

The Tower Behind The Monks Audio

I was named after my location – I am standing directly behind one of the most important institutions of the medieval city, the Dominican St Catherine’s Monastery.

Section of wall on Müürivahe street Audio

There was a defensive passage along the wall beside me, where in the Middle Ages milled about black monks and preachers, whose teachings were beneficial to the city folk, in many ways.

The Hellemann Tower Audio

I am the younger of the neighbouring towers – the Tower Behind the Monks and the one time grand Viru Gate complex, of which only a couple of foregate towers remain, these are at least a half a century older.

The Hinke Tower Audio

Hinke, Hinken, Hincken, Hindrik, Henken … – throughout the centuries, my name has been spelled in many ways. Be it as it may – with my name – a tricky name to spell, my neighbour who disappeared almost a hundred years ago, was called Devil’s Mother or Devil’s Grandmother (Duveldoer, Tuefels-Grossmutter). It was actually derived from the name of the building owner, Johannes Duvelsmoder! My name is also believed to have been given to me after the name of a person – a city servant and stable boy who lived nearby.

The Assauwe Tower Audio

In days gone by, city people used to live together with their prized livestock, animals were a part of daily life. Not just living with cats and dogs, like today, but people lived with horses, cows, pigs, and other domestic animals. Animals were of vital importance. In warmer periods, the animals would leave the city each day to head to the pastures – and they moved along the wall through the Herd Gate. The towers of the Herd Gate were my good neighbours until they were demolished in the 19th century. It is believed that I was named after the shepherd, Assauwe or Asso. He might have even been an Estonian.