Tall Hermann Audio

It took close to one and a half centuries to await my completion, when in 1219 the Danish King brought into swing the construction of the city, here in the current Toompea, Tallinn (Reval). The wait was worth it! I am a flag tower, the most important one in the city and tower above all. My height is more than 80 metres, if you include the escarpment base and the height above sea level is more than 90 metres. There is no similar in the vicinity and hopefully also not further away. It is true that thanks to the expansion of the city, the current highest point in Tallinn, is now located in Nõmme!

The Pilsticker Tower And Stairs Audio

I am the “arrow sharpener”, as I was started to be called in the old lower German language. I was built as the third watchtower, after the mighty defensive tower Tall Hermann and Stür den Kerl.

The Toompea Slope Audio

I am Toompea, the start of the city and seat of power. 

The Patkuli Steps Audio

Many glances are at first directed to this location, to the pillars of the Stenbock Building, then the stairs, in addition to being a beautiful sight, offer the experience of participation to those who make the only justifiable decision to climb. After all, the Stenbock Building has since long ago, been the house of the Government – so only those selected have access to it. I was completed in the year 1903. Strolling was popular at the beginning of the 20th century, as it was possible in such a way to see others and show of oneself, as well as enjoy “Oh those views, those views!”.